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Making The Right Impression

The Definitive Guide to Renovating, Expanding, or Building Your Perfect Dental Practice

So, you’re looking to expand your practice.

With a busy schedule of back-to-back patients, it can be hard to find the time to research what goes into making your dental office appealing. Sometimes dentists aren’t even aware of how outdated their office may appear. A new look, layout, or location may be just what you need to take your practice to the next level.

The impression your office makes on your patients is a strong and lasting one. Modern offices with the latest equipment and smart layout, coupled with warm and friendly staff, make for satisfied customers who are more likely to recommend friends and family, expanding your business. What impression does your office give to new patients?

If you are looking for a positive change in your dental practice, this is the place to start. Jason Drewelow’s book, Making the Right Impression, is the definitive guide to building, renovating, or expanding your practice.

Ready for improvement? Start here!

Making the Right Impression is the perfect place to begin when thinking about your practice’s potential. Written by an expert in dental office design and construction, this book lays out all of the elements that you need to think about when starting a new project. Jason covers everything from financing to floor plans to interior design and every question in between. This book also includes real life case studies of dental practices that Jason’s company, Primus Dental, has worked on in the past, giving realistic insights into building projects just like your own.

With this book, you will be prepared for everything that goes into renovating or building your own dental practice. We are offering a complimentary copy of this comprehensive guide.


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Making the Right Impression gives you insights into:

Envisioning your new space

Whether to renovate, expand, or build a new practice

How to pick an optimal location

How to negotiate and finance your new project

Designing your new space from the ground up

Interior Design of successful practices

About the Author

Jason Drewelow is the leader of Primus Dental, a planning, architecture, and construction management firm specializing in dental and medical offices. Jason has served as strategic advisor to hundreds of doctors in a variety of situations — from practice start-ups to large group practices with multiple locations — providing guidance to improve their facilities. Primus Dental helps doctors with all aspects of their project, including establishing vision, implementing plans of action, real estate development, architectural and interior design, and construction.

When Jason Drewelow isn’t at work, he enjoys being with his family. He spends much of his time coaching his sons’ sports teams or snowboarding. Among his other interests are reading, hiking, biking, and watching the Indianapolis Colts and the Iowa Hawkeyes

What Others Are Saying About The Book

“Dental schools do a fantastic job in training individuals to be great clinicians; however, they do not provide adequate training dentists to run a successful business or build a practice. This book helps every dentist to be a successful business owner and successfully complete a dental office project. Jason Drewelow is a highly skilled professional in helping dentists and specialists achieve their dream practice. He helped me with site selection, financing, architecture, and construction. I now have the office I always dreamed of at a very young professional age and now can grow my practice to be extremely successful while continuing to make a long lasting impact on the lives of my patients. “

Dave Kujak DMD, MS
Owner and CEO of Kujak Orthodontics

“This book could be called: “What They Didn’t Teach You in Dental School.” It’s a must-have for the dentist-turned-business owner. A great resource for any doctor in any phase of your career if you’re thinking about an office project of any type. I have known Jason for over twenty years and would turn to no one else for guidance in this field.”

Nick Morio DDS MS
Private Practice, Morgan and Morio Oral Surgery
Assistant Professor, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

“This book is a must-read for any dentist looking to renovate or build a new dental practice. Jason answered all of my questions and concerns about a dental office project. It definitely took the fear out of building a new office and helped me know the best way to move forward. “

Scott Craven, DDS
Owner, Excelsior Springs Family Dentistry